Abot Email Searcher 3.3.6

Abot Email Searcher 3.3.6



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Date Added:15 May, 2013

Author: Abot Software

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Abot Email Searcher is an email extractor, email finder, email harvester, email collector and email spider. It helps you to find and reach your target customers. Abot Email Searcher builds targeted email list at high speed. It allows you to extract email addresses matching your keywords from Internet web pages, directories and search engines. It can also collect emails from files and folders in your local computer. As an award-winning software for the Email Marketing, Abot Email Searcher supports multi-threading implementation and there is no limit for max threads pool. Any update packages will release at homepage so that to keep the software perfomance. Abot Email Searcher works at speeds of up to 20,000 targeted emails per hour. (depending on your connection speed and your targets). What's New ! [Version 3.2.0 2011-12-6] 1. Release more parameter for HTTP handle, such as timeout, page size, etc. 2. DIY user-agent while request the target web pages. [Version 3.1.0 2011-11-2] 1. Update data storage to support the URLs of each email address. 2. CSV format as exporting will contain both email address and its URL. [Version 3.0.2 2011-9-15] 1. Omit the tag '#' in URL to ensure the correct web page content. 2. Show the file path while searching the local directory. 3. Tiny adjust for user GUI, placing the local searcher above. [Version 3.0.0 2011-8-9] 1. Enhanced the local directory search, supporting all the files in the current and all the sub-directories. 2. Support more types of file, such as TXT, HTM, HTML, LOG, etc. 3. Extend the max size of single web page as 1M (1024K). [Version 2.6.1 2011-7-15] 1. Try HTTP POST method to get the web pages after failing to get by HTTP GET. [Version 2.6.0 2011-6-22] 1. Resolve the problem: When there are no drivers for network service, the software will get no product key. 2. Update the policy for matching URL links in the web page to suit with case sensitive requirement. 3. Add new policy for matching links to identify the links which contains the return key. [Version 2.5.9 2011-5-8] 1. Fix the bug: Error message was shown when the computer in the wireless network. [Version 2.5.8 2011-4-6] 1. Fix the problem that the software canOCOt identify then email address with upper case. 2. Decoding the stand HTTP URL to make it work well. [Version 2.5.6 2011-3-15] 1. Support the GDI library for early version Windows OS, for example, Windows 2000.
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Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows2003

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